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Thursday, August 25, 2022

Guided Prayer of Recollection: "Who art in Heaven," Chapter 29, Way of ...


Royal Road to Heaven - A Study of Carmelite Prayer
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"Who art in Heaven" (Prayer of Recollection), Chapter 29, Way of Perfection, (a summary) Way of Perfection: Prayer NOTES: Chapter 29 Continues to present means for obtaining this prayer of recollection. How little it should matter to us whether or not we are favored by the bishop. ... Turn your eyes inward and look within yourself … It is there that you will find your Master. He will not fail you. The less you have of exterior consolation the more He will favor you. He is very merciful, and He never fails persons who are afflicted and despised if they trust in Him alone. David says that the Lord is with the afflicted … If you believe it then why kill yourselves? ... 4. … How may this holy fellowship with our Companion, the Saint of saints, be experienced without any hindrance to the solitude enjoyed between the soul and its Spouse when the soul desires to enter this paradise within itself to be with its God and close the door to all the world. I say “desires” because this recollection is not something supernatural. It is something we can desire and achieve ourselves with the help of God — for without His help we can do nothing, not even have a good thought... ICS Publications 2131 Lincoln Rd NE, Washington, DC 20002 1 800 832 8489 A Link to the praying with Teresa of Avila website has been provided below to enable you to easily find the CATALOGUE of offerings on this channel:

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