Bleck Madonna

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meditation: St. John of the Cross-Spiritual Canticle

5 strophes  were used from the Canticle

O spring like crystal!

              If only, on your silvered-over

              you would suddenly form

              the eyes I have desired,

              which I bear sketched deep within
my heart.


your footprints

              maidens run along the way;

              the touch of a spark,

              the spiced wine,

              cause flowings in them from the
balsam of God.


you looked at me

               your eyes imprinted your grace in me;

              for this you loved me ardently;

              and thus my eyes deserved

to adore what they beheld in you.


            The small white dove

              has returned to the ark with an
olive branch;

              and now the turtledove

              has found its longed-for mate

by the green river banks.


           She lived in solitude,

              and now in solitude has built her

              and in solitude he guides her,

              he alone, who also bears

in solitude the wound of love.

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